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All Rangers

A choose-your-own adventure style book series based on real-life stories from rangers around the world. Defeat poachers, rescue animals and have fun learning about wild animals and the natural world.

Two classic picture books now only $19.95 for both!


The Littlest Bushranger is an epic, swashbuckling story about Jack, who is left at home with his faithful dog Hector when his sister Lil starts going to school. But their ordinary day is about to be transformed when a fiendish, oddly bird-shaped outlaw suddenly descends on them. Booktopia

A Year with Marmalade is a charming book about about losing friends and making new ones. Set against a beautiful backdrop of the turning seasons, this story of transition reminds us that change, while constant, is not always a bad thing.

Postage included and personalisation available!


Two more Pickle & Bree’s Adventures!

I am thrilled to announce my friends Pickle and Bree are back in two more fun adventures!

 The Big Snow Adventure  

Pickle and Bree are off for a holiday in the snow! Bree can’t wait to try skiing, and Pickle is excited about snowboarding – but Pickle and Bree are so enthusiastic that they forget they’re sharing the space with their friends. Will Pickle and Bree figure out how to have fun while making sure their friends have fun too.? They have to learn how respecting rules means everyone can have fun.

P&B Big Snow High Res

The Playground Meanies

Pickle and Bree are spending a day outdoors with their good friend, Jason. They’re excited to explore the playground, and are even more excited about making some new friends – until they meet two little bears who are not very friendly at all! How will Pickle and Bree deal with the playground bullies?

P&B Playground High Res

  • Two great new titles in the very popular series which gently teaches children the skills needed to successfully manage relationships, social etiquette and positive behavior in a gentle fun way.
  • Simple, humorous narratives allow plenty of room for discussion between adults and young readers.
  • Beautifully illustrated with personable characters that children will connect with. These are much more than lesson’ books―they are delightfully engaging stories that children will want to revisit again and again.
  • Includes a Handy Guide to Good Deeds at the back of each book.

Published by The Five Mile Press and available now at local and online bookstores.

Mother’s Day and hard to get books

For you Mum


A few of you have been asking where to get books. I’ve managed to track down some titles, including the elusive My first values series, Feelings and values series and Baby talk series.  Also I have some copies of For you, Mum, just in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for a title, please let me know at alrey@msn.com.au and I may be able to help you out.



A new friend for Marmalade US

Today, A new friend for Marmalade is being released in the US by Simon & Schuster

It’s weird, shivering here on a gloomy Melbourne day, to think Marmalade will be padding through all the summery states of the US. From an early breakfast of chocolate croissants with the wonderful publisher Poppy Grijalbo, the seed of an idea grew and grew until Marmalade emerged with a loud meow.


A New Friend For Marmalade US

The Littlest Bushranger Blog Tour Day 7


Melissa, welcome to The Littlest Bushranger Blog tour.

It’s a pleasure Alison – thanks for having me!

What career path did you follow to become an editor? (more…)

The Littlest Bushranger

I’m thrilled to share that the fabulous Heath McKenzie and my latest book, The Littlest Bushranger, is being released on June 1!

Later in June, there will be a blog tour with prizes. Excellent prizes. I’m still working out the exact dates, but look for it mid June. And look for the book in your bookshop! In the meantime, here’s the cover and the blurb.

The Littlest bushranger_FRONT COVER


When Jack’s big sister Lil starts school, he is left with only his faithful dog Hector for company and Lil’s favourite toy to protect.But an ordinary day transforms into an extraordinary one when Jack’s called upon to do battle with a fiendish villain…



The Littlest Bushranger, The Five Mile Press, June 2013



A Year with Marmalade

I am very excited about the release of A Year with Marmalade.

Illustrated by the amazing Heath McKenzie and written by me, A Year with Marmalade, is a story about losing friends and making new ones. It’s a story about change, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Here’s the synopsis: Ella and Maddy are best friends who love spending time together. But one day everything changes when Maddy has to go away. She entrusts her cat Marmalade to Ella’s care, but Marmalade and Ella are not best friends – or even friends at all – and they definitely don’t like each other’s company.

Then, one cold winter’s morning, Ella wakes to find Marmalade sleeping at the bottom of her bed. And so begins a tentative friendship that blossoms like the tree in Ella’s garden…


Latest series – Baby Talk

I’m thrilled about my latest series of board books called Baby Talk, illustrated by the extremely talented Lee Krutop.

The publisher asked me to come up with a series of books for newborns and up, aimed at the parents. I know that many people say that being a parent is instinctive, but sometimes I found my instinct took a little while to kick in when confronted by a tiny, precious baby!

Even though we may not realise it immediately, babies tell us what they want and need. Our job in caring for them is to watch, listen and respond. This is how we can communicate with our babies no matter how old they are.


For You Mum

The bond between a mother and her child is powerful and outlasts even death. This anthology captures the moments of love, occasional frustration and humour that exist between a mother and her children. It also answers the questions of how to feng shui your house against your mother-in-law; is a mother or father faster at changing a nappy; and is it possible to establish a grown-up relationship with your mother.