Saddle up for The Littlest Bushranger blog tour

The Littlest bushranger






June 11 Kat Apel

Kathryn Apel, Aussie children’s author

June 12 Chris Bell

From Hook to Book 

June 13 Angela Sunde

Under the Apple Tree 

June 14 Dimity Powell

Boomerang Books Blog

June 18 Dee White

DeeScribe Writing 

June 19 Kids Book Review

June 20 Ask the Editor. Interview with Melissa Keil

June 21  Ask the Sales Rep. Interview with Melinda Beaumont

There will be prizes. A piece of Heath McKenzie’s artwork from The Littlest Bushranger, a picture book assessment by Alison Reynolds, 2 free passes direct to an editor’s desk (you get to skip the slush pile), copies of The Littlest Bushranger. Get ready to jump on board!


  1. Kelly, I’ve loved the questions on this wild ride. They’ve really made me think about my process, which is a valuable thing!

  2. Chris,
    Can’t wait to gallop into the Bell homestead!
    Those oats sound tasty.

  3. I’ve ordered in a fresh bag of oats and will meet you and the Littlest Bushranger by the coral fence on the 12th, Alison. Can’t wait for your visit.

  4. I’m excited, Dimity. And so happy for you to be on the wild ride too!

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