Mother’s Day and hard to get books

For you Mum


A few of you have been asking where to get books. I’ve managed to track down some titles, including the elusive My first values series, Feelings and values series and Baby talk series.  Also I have some copies of For you, Mum, just in time for Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for a title, please let me know at and I may be able to help you out.



Latest series – Baby Talk

I’m thrilled about my latest series of board books called Baby Talk, illustrated by the extremely talented Lee Krutop.

The publisher asked me to come up with a series of books for newborns and up, aimed at the parents. I know that many people say that being a parent is instinctive, but sometimes I found my instinct took a little while to kick in when confronted by a tiny, precious baby!

Even though we may not realise it immediately, babies tell us what they want and need. Our job in caring for them is to watch, listen and respond. This is how we can communicate with our babies no matter how old they are.