Melbourne Writers Festival 2011

Sean and I had a fantastic time presenting Ranger in Danger at the Melbourne Writers Festival, but it ended up being hilarious.

Sean was going to burst into venue after all kids settled and I was to say to the kids that Sean said he would be there and I didn’t know where he was, and the last I heard was that he was seeing some elephants.

So, off Sean runs to Yarra bank to find mud to rub on his face. (he is much braver than me. Those of you that know the Yarra River in Melbourne would know why I would be very hesitant to rub mud in from there!)
The children arrive and I introduce myself, and look at watch etc and say Sean should be here soon.


But we hear an elephant trumpeting faintly somewhere in the distance.

So I get all the 75 kids to yell ‘Sean’.

Very soft elephant noise, but no Sean.

I ask kids what facts they know about elephants. They know lots, and I even learn quite a few new ones. Every so often we hear a soft elephant trumpet.

I ask everyone to yell ‘Sean’ again.

No Sean. Just a wistful sounding elephant noise.

Then suddenly he rushed into room with a great bang and asked for a strong volunteer to help him hold door shut against the elephant. He had got a passerby to bang around outside.

And then we went into the dvd of when Sean was really chased by an angry elephant.

So Sean and I really need to work on our cues! He was waiting for one of the volunteers to summon him in, but don’t think anyone was sure who was meant to do it.

The rest of the talk was fun. Lots of lovely bright kids.

A huge thank you to the Melbourne Writers Festival!

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