Taronga Zoo launch

The Ranger in Danger series had a launch at the Taronga Zoo.
It was fantastic.
We met a great group of super bright, talented school children from Middle Harbour,
who all knew an amazing amount about animals.
We had a close encounter with an iguana and a python.Check out how long the python is. Sean fancies one for a necklace.
A special treat for me was to meet a couple of the Dhimmuru rangers from Arnhem Land in
the Northern Territory. Ranger in Danger: Rapscallion’s Revenge is set there and the Dhimmuru
rangers feature in it. I was sad when they told me that I wouldn’t be able to learn the yadaki
or didge if I visit as only males can play it. But I can have beating sticks, which isn’t quite
the same, but probably much easier.
A huge thanks to everyone involved, especially the Taronga Foundation and the Taronga zoo.
After the launch I wandered around the zoo with my friend Fiona, and we had a fabulous time.
She liked the rabbits that lived in mini castles and I think her rabbit Rex is going to have a new
fancy hutch. I liked the gorillas chilling in hammocks. When we got tired we caught a gondola
that sped over the top of the zoo and we had a great view of the elephants, including a cute little one.
If you get the chance, go to the Taronga Zoo.

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