Dymocks First Tuesday Book Club

I had the great pleasure in being a guest at the Dymocks First Tuesday Book Club at the wonderful Rivoli Theatre in September. What a privilege it was to share the stage with such an amazing line-up of authors. We marvelled at Dave Knoff’s icy heroics, were inspired by Anthony Klarica, then taken on a journey by Lyn Yeowart and entranced by Kylie Orr. Now if you want to be intimidated, be the third speaker to appear after two professional motivational speakers, but it all worked out in the end. During my talk the spirit of Marianna (the mother in Daphne) may have inspired me to take the audience on a wild ride with a lot of laughs (I had to explain my microphone phobia and it went downhill from there) and gasps! It was lovely to meet so many book lovers after the event. Thank you so much to the fabulous Dymocks Camberwell and their wonderful staff for organising such a marvellous event.     


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