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Today Royce Bond, who has just released his latest book The Summoning of the One, visits the blog. He is a former star science teacher (he won the prestigious National B.H.P. /C.S.I.R.O. Science Teacher’s Award) who lives in Rockhampton, and after writing many science based books he’s decided to write young adult fantasy novels. Welcome Royce….

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Do you have any tips for writers about the writing process or the path to publishing? Write for the pure pleasure of writing. If you write only to get published then sometimes you lose the joy that writing brings.

What are the greatest obstacles you’ve experienced on your writing journey? Time is my greatest obstacle. I sometimes feel I don’t have enough time to finish the writing projects I have started.

What do you love most about writing books? I really enjoy visiting schools and inspiring children to write. I also love meeting readers who love my books. On top of that, I have a great time creating new worlds that I love to explore myself.

What advice would you have for anyone wanting to write a book in your genre? Watch every movie and television series in that genre you can get your hands on. When I say this, I assume that you are a reasonable writer so you know how to write well enough to construct a story. When you watch stories unfold on the screen (good stories I mean, not Z class movies) then you can see visually what you may like to incorporate into your own descriptions and action.

Other than writing, what else do you love? Making flutes and playing them. I also love cooking, gardening and just sitting and thinking/daydreaming.

What were you in a past work life (if anything) before you became a writer? I had 13 different jobs and travelled a lot around Australia before I became a school teacher.

Describe your perfect day. Cold and rainy outside, a warm fire inside, a container of popcorn, my wife by my side and a good movie.

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Follow the blog tour by selecting the link below. Each day you will learn a little more about this exciting book and its unique author. eBook available on Amazon, Smashwords and many online stores. Royce is available for school visits. Please phone Elaine on 07 54 981 332 or email

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