The Dimity Powell Christmas questions!


A mega tinsly welcome to the very talented, super fun Dimity Powell.

Following the theme of your fabulous new book PS – Who Stole Santa’s Mail?, I thought you could answer some Christmassy questions.

What does your family call the jolly red-suited man, Father Christmas or Santa Claus?

Santa Claus. Santa for short. Nothing fancy, clever or demeaning because we love old Santa; yes, yes, yes we do!

What does Santa do when he has to visit warmer places over the Christmas season. e.g. Strap icepacks onto the reindeer’s heads?

Excellent question Alison. Although I’ve never sighted this myself, I have it on good authority that an inverter air-con unit powered by wind generators mounted on the rear of the Sleigh, more than suffice for keeping him and the team cool in the warmer climes. That and they carry plenty of iced berry juice (Santa’s favourite drink). It’s quite cool at cruising altitude even over the Equator so it’s only when they are coming in for landings that the generators kick in. Also, in spite of its appearance, Santa’s suit is extremely breathable. An important factor when you’re delivering in the tropics.

What is the earliest time you ever got up on Christmas day?

I can’t honestly remember when I used to get up as a kid, but I almost beat my seven year old out of bed on Chrissy morning these days. It’s up, quick check of the plate left out for Santa, carols on full blast, cup of tea and then game on!

What do you like to eat at Christmas?

I cannot go past homemade fruit mince pies (bit like Tobii in my book). They just sing Christmas for me, especially if I include extra brandy in the fruit mince.

What is the best bit of Christmas for you?

Apart from putting up the decorations whilst listening to Christmas carols, whipping up fruit mince pies and white Christmas treats whilst listening to Christmas carols, and attending as many carols concerts as I can, the lights! This is really just a longish way of saying, the Magic. I love the magic of the spirit of Christmas and how it makes me feel.

What do you have on top of your Christmas tree?

Our current tree is about 30 cm high. An angel dressed in white proudly adorns it. My daughter thinks a smaller tree makes the sea of presents surrounding it look more impressive. I agree. Can’t argue with that logic.

What would you like to be given for Christmas?

A full day off. And the ability to digest faster. But of course I’d settle for a happy family gathering, healthy kids and plenty of Christmas songs playing in the background. Let’s never forget the Christmas songs.

What present are you giving everybody for Christmas. (This is your chance for a shameless plug!)

Hmmm, well I will be making my famous Chrissy pudding this year. There’s nothing quite like a blazing pudding for scoring Christmas Day wow factor.

Hopefully what I’ve done and achieved this year in my own little writing world will inspire people to believe, with even stronger conviction, not only in Christmas, books, and magic but also in themselves. I have already achieved one of my bucket list wishes; to produce a book I can place on my daughter’s book shelf. PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? is a book that I hope will entertain, enthrall and find a place on the book shelves of many others too.

Thanks, Dimity! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! And congratulations on your gorgeous debut book!! Dimity’s book is available at all bookshops or to get an autographed copy, contact

To win a free copy of PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?, email what you think Santa wants for Christmas to

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10 thoughts on “The Dimity Powell Christmas questions!

  1. angelasunde says:

    Thanks for enlightening me on Santa’s suit. It has answered so many questions I’ve pondered all my life.

  2. Dimity Powell says:

    Half the pleasure was definitely mine Chris! And yes, my mouth is watering too. AFter I made my Chrissy pud and wrapped it up and popped it high up in the larder shelf, all I wanted to do was EAT it!! See you tomorrow 😉

  3. christinemareebell says:

    Thanks for this fun and funny post, Alison and Dimity. You’ve absolutely put me in the Christmas mood and I have a strong craving for a home-baked mince tart. Can’t wait to welcome you to my blog when you stop by tomorrow on the 26th.
    Chris 🙂

  4. Alison Reynolds says:

    So lovely to have you here, Dimity. It’s put me in the Christmassy mood.
    And hope your gorgeous book dances off the shelves!

  5. Karen Tyrrell says:

    Loved your ingenious Christmasy questions Alison and the fun-injected way you answered them, Dimity.
    See you tomorrow Dimity, at the Marks and Gardner Gallery launch up at Mount Tamborine … Karen T.:)

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