4 thoughts on “The Littlest Bushranger Blog Tour Day 1

  1. Alison Reynolds says:

    Annabel, That’s so nice to hear that you love Marmalade. (Whispering here, but there’s another one coming out next year and the illustrations are divine). Heath and I can’t wait to see your illustrations!

  2. Alison Reynolds says:

    Hi Jessie,
    Weren’t the comments fabulous! The children found things in the books that I hadn’t.
    So happy to hear you’re jumping on board the tour!

  3. Jessie Mitchell says:

    Looking forward to following the tour!
    It’s such a great way to understand how the book came about, so can’t wait to see what I learn next… I loved the children’s comments on Kat’s site…so great!

  4. Annabel K says:

    I am very excited about your new book Alison.
    My children and I are in love with Marmalade, so we can’t wait to see the latest book by you and Heath.
    We will have to get our pencils out to enter the monster competition!!

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