A new friend for Marmalade US

Today, A new friend for Marmalade is being released in the US by Simon & Schuster

It’s weird, shivering here on a gloomy Melbourne day, to think Marmalade will be padding through all the summery states of the US. From an early breakfast of chocolate croissants with the wonderful publisher Poppy Grijalbo, the seed of an idea grew and grew until Marmalade emerged with a loud meow.


A New Friend For Marmalade US

6 thoughts on “A new friend for Marmalade US

  1. Alison Reynolds says:

    Thank you, Kaye. I’ve always loved S & S and love them even more now they’re publishing Marmalade!

  2. Alison Reynolds says:

    Thanks, Chris! It is weird to think that children all over the world are meeting that little marmalade cat.

  3. Kaye Baillie says:

    Wow, Alison, how very exciting!! When I saw this post I couldn’t wait to read it and wanted to know more. S&S publish some wonderful books and it must feel great knowing that they love your Marmalade and that it will reach so many children in the US and beyond. I’m wondering how this all comes about – does Five Mile negotiate with publishers O/S? Or is it done through an agent? Just wonderin’ …

  4. christinemareebell says:

    Congratulations, Alison. What a joy for you to know Marmalade travelling across the world and so many new children to delight. A much deserved and admired feat. Fantastic! xx Chris

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