Ranger in Danger series Out April 2010!

This is the start of your new life. You have been selected to travel the world as a ranger in training. You can’t wait! Rampaging elephants, charging rhinos, and hungry man-eating crocodiles…The adventures start from the moment you get on the plane.

What happens next? It all depends on the choices you make. How does the story end? Only you can find out! And the best part is that you can keep reading and re-reading until you’ve had not one but many incredibly daring experiences!

Interview with Alison Reynolds and Sean Willmore

Ever wondered How do you become a ranger? Or How do you organise  plotlines around the non-linear ‘Decide-your-destiny’ style of writing in Ranger in Danger? To find out read the interview with Alison Reynolds and Sean Willmore. (more…)