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To celebrate the release of the first two books in the Pickle and Bree’s Guide to Good Deeds series, this is a competition for adults to win a set of The Decorating Disaster and The Birthday Party Cake!

The series has a subtle theme of social etiquette. This is your chance to have a manners rant! Send along your rant in the comments section, and two winning rants will be chosen. (But people that don’t win have to promise not to rant about that!

Mine is people who don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. It’s not hard. I was at the theatre the other night with the person behind me coughing into the back of my head throughout the performance. Without using a hand. Her little germs would have crawled around my neck and in my hair. My neck itched at the thought, and I couldn’t scratch it because I didn’t want her germs on my hands.

Also, it’s very annoying when concentrating to have an untrammelled cough assaulting your ears. So just remember:

12 thoughts on “Get your rant on!

  1. Peter Rogan says:

    Can everyone stop using their mobile phones at concerts!. The person behind you doesn’t want your phone waving in their face. Why are you recording it anyway? You are not going to sit down and watch some murky image with distorted sound. Buy a DVD if you want to watch a recording. Just enjoy the live experience isn’t that why you bought the ticket in the first place? Or did you buy it so you can show off to your friends on face book? If so at least wait to the show is over before you update your facebook or tweet. Live the moment and let those around you do so as well! .

  2. Alex Beaumont says:


    Why do Govt departments keep changing their systems?

    I have a small Medicare bill to claim. I haven’t had one to claim for a while so I hunt around for for my online login for the Medicare site only to find once I have logged on that I need to now do this through MYGov. I now set up aMyGov account. Making up secret questions and instantly forgettable passwords as I go. Then I need to go through the process of linking my MyGov account to Medicare. Finally I try and claim my Medicare expenses only to be told that these claims can’t be made through the wesite but must be made by the Mobile Phone App! I now have to find my AppleID password download the app again more questions, passwords and pins. Then take a photo of the receipt and type in all the claim details, doctor numbers etc. Now I sit back and wait for the email to tell me I have made an error and need to re-submit.

    I thought online was meant to be easier? I could of jumped in the car, driven to a Medicare office, queued up and walked out with cash in my hand in half the time.

    I could of done it over the phone but I am sure that experience would prompt another rant……

  3. Alison Reynolds says:

    Judith, printers are hell. Specially when they’re picky and incompatible. YOu have my sincere sympathy.

  4. Alison Reynolds says:

    Hold on, Meron… while I remove my gum. Only joking. I agree. Makes it extremely difficult to concentrate.

  5. Alison Reynolds says:

    I am so with you, Leonard. It’s like they’re all extras in an widespread movie, fleeing the metropolis. And I bet if there really was an emergency they wouldn’t have anything useful in there.

  6. Alison Reynolds says:

    Now not moving after a polite “Excuse me!!” is not on, Mary. And where on earth are they in such a hurry to get to?

  7. Judith McLean says:

    Judith McLean says
    November 6, 2015

    I’d like to throw a ranting tantrum at printers just now. They always seem to begin behaving badly when you need to print something important immediately.

    My HP (hellish printer) began by making groaning grinding noises and telling me I had a paper jam, when I didn’t.

    ‘Clear the paper blockage’ it said, ‘and then press OK’. I kept pressing OK, but then it informed me I needed a new black ink cartridge, and then a colour cartridge. I rushed off to Office Works to purchase and oblige the blighter but still the blinking printer continued to be definitely on the blink.

    Finally I faced the fact that I probably needed a new printer after spending more on new ink than it will cost me to replace the little HP stinker. So off I rushed to Office Works again and returned with a spanking new supersonic Deskjet. Alas, that was not the end of the story.
    My pesky computer has just informed me it is not compatible with my new supersonic Deskjet.

    Some days I just wish I still had my old typewriter!

  8. Meron Pitcher says:

    Mine is someone who keeps chewing gum during a professional consultation. It’s just not polite to chew and talk at the same time, and it is very distracting!

  9. Leonard Churchill says:

    Students. public transport. bags. unacceptable.

    Have you ever thought you may be at everest base camp surrounding by students loaded up like sherpas as you are squashed on a tram? Riding on that thing at 3.30 is like sitting in the luggage hold of an airplane.
    Do the schools instruct children to “bring all your worldly possessions to us every day”, did they watch too much of The Great Escape and find themselves digging tunnels out of the school to dispose the dirt at their home? Ok if thats the case I get it, but I don’t see any tunnels, no Steve McQueens. Is this a subtle militarisation of our youth a legacy of the war and continuing where the Scouts and Guides left off? Teaching discipline, wearing a ridiculous uniform and carrying a 20 kilo pack – just incase the tram rattles past the McDonalds and into the jungle? Fair enough if thats the plan. But if that is the plan then we need to get the students off the tram. They should be marching along side if we are really going to be prepared for a war. But really, I don’t see the war on the horizon yet, there is no need for this. Bring a note pad and pen to school. Simple. Schools, do we really want to train people capable of critical thought or are we in the faux military pack horse business?

  10. Heather Gallagher says:

    Ooh, my biggie at the moment is people who don’t pick up their dog’s poo. I live in a beautiful seaside town and it’s everywhere! Also, it gives the rest of us dog owners, who do the right thing, a bad name.

  11. Mary Preston says:


    people who stand in the way talking – on stairs, shopping aisles, at the bottom of escalators….. Just get out of the way people. Move to one side & let the world pass by.

    It is just so annoying. Saying a polite “Excuse me!!” seems to have little or no effect. These people are oblivious as to just how inconsiderate they are.

    One of my biggest pet peeves. That you for allowing me to vent.

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