A new friend for Marmalade

A New Friend for Marmalade2

I’m very excited to announce that Heath McKenzie and my latest book, A new friend for Marmalade (aka Marmalade 2), is being released in the UK October 1.

This is a story about making new friends. It’s about accepting people, even when they do things a little differently from you. And it all revolves around a special little cat called Marmalade…

Look out for its Australian release early next year!



6 thoughts on “A new friend for Marmalade

  1. Alison Reynolds says:

    Thanks, Kaye! I’m hoping the UK like the further adventures of Marmalade!
    I can’t wait for next year when it’s released here.

  2. Judith McLean says:

    How exciting, Alison! A friend for Marmalade! Sounds great and I can’t wait to see your new book. Looking forward to next time we catch up. Judith

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